Welcome Terraformers!

This game was released in 2003 and received the Innovation in Audio Award at the Independent Games Festival.

Before you download the game, please note the following.

  1. When the game is downloaded it will be a demo version.
  2. As the game is released for free there is a license key from Santa Claus that you also need to download and install correctly.
  3. To install the license key, you must unzip the file and then put the text-file into the Prefs folder that is located in the Terraformers folder.
  4. To find the Prefs folder, there is a shortcut in the Windows start menu: Select "Terraformers / Open the Prefs folder". Then start the game.
  5. Also, to quit the game, don't press Escape as this will take you back to Windows without restoring the screen resolution. Instead press Q to quit and get back to the start menu. Then step down to Exit game and press Space. Yes we know this is a quirk but, hey it is free to play and we don't ask for anything, not even your email :)
  6. You are welcome to get in touch. Please send an email to thomas@westin.nu and say hi (if you want) or join the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG (web: https://igda-gasig.org or Discord https://discord.gg/H5wtW4C)

Okidoki, so below are the files. Have fun.

The Terraformers team.